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I have lived in California my entire life. I come from  a poor upbringing and the struggle was real. From a very young age I never seen the point in working for someone else. I even went to college and even then I felt that was pointless. I am not saying that one should not go to college lol- I just felt there was more to it. I lived on my own early and would stay up watching them get rich infomercials, and man did I invest money. From Don Lupre to Carlton Sheets real estate programs. I have tried at least 20 different programs. Even MLM. I never gave up and all these people calming to have the secret to success seemed to just want you to buy their system then leave you standing wet behind the ears. I will not leave you hanging I promise.   You can do this anywhere in the world. !!

I can show you how to make money online. Anyone can do it! 20 years exp

I will walk you through these methods, and the most important thing that I am offering is the TRUE life learned experience I have. This is realistic and not a waste of time. I am not going to post fake claims of income or show you a mansion etc. I am going to guide you and give you the direction to get started the very same day you get my info and it will cost you nothing after that I promise.  I am offering a sure full proof plan of earning realistic money online…No special software to buy or anything like that.   The income you earn depends on the amount of time you invest in this. I personally work about 4-5 hours per day.  This is my income I work from home.  I have many years doing this so the time I work is efficient.  You soon will do this with ease. 

What I am offering:

  1. Audio book(wav file) with everything explained in detail and the “where and what” to do. Exactly how I am doing it. There are three different systems and you can choose which one you want to start with-I promise they will all work and cost you not one penny to start. All you need is a smart phone or computer/tablet. You need basic computer skills to do this. If you are reading this then you can do it.
  2. E-Book with all the details mentioned above but in text format so you can read instead of having the audio version.
  3. All my contacts of where I do business for free- These are the most important because I know for sure by experience that they are legit and pay..This right here is the most valuable thing.
  4. My personal contact info so if you have a questions I can help you the best that I can.

Order now:

$10.00 and you get it all. I am not charging what the other guys charge, and I promise it will work for you . Follow my SIMPLE steps and you can start earning today.

Send payment via “cash app” or venmo” my contact for sending via cash app is $ricky209guy – My contact for sending via venmo is ricky209guy. In the “memo” part when sending payment please include your email. I also take paypal. Send me a message for my paypal info. Paypal does take longer for the info due to the time for funds to transfer/clear. The others method of payments are instant.

Once I get the payment I will send info the same day.

I tried to keep this as simple as possible- I am not some advertising marketing guru. I am just a guy out of California trying to pass the word and yes make $10 but you will benefit from this I promise.

My real contact info:

Ricardo Rodriguez
Modesto Ca

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